Hei what is happening to Aggie in Sascha Martin Time Machine ?!

Sascha Martin Time Machine

Sascha Martin Confidential

is a Readers Group, or two ...

One's for readers giving feedback,

one's for posting a review


And of course you might do both,

or volunteer for only one ...

But the journey will be awesome

and, we think, a lot of fun

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sascha martin's Rocket-Ship
sascha martin's Rocket-Ship

Mary-Alice, Sascha & Luca

available on Amazon
Sascha Martin's Rocket-Ship
by John Arthur Nichol & Manuela Pentangelo 

Sascha Martin

Hello. I’m Sascha Martin and … I don’t know if I can write that many words, though. 100 did you say? Anyway, I go to Landfill Public School and Luca Blanco’s my best friend. We’re in Mrs Mayhem’s class, 2M. Luca and me … Luca and I … we live pretty close to each other out on Periwinkle Drive. There aren’t many houses there. One other kid lives on Periwinkle. But Luca’s right in the bush and there’s this big, scary old mansion. Luca calls it the Periwinkle Palace of the Past cause it’s full of really creepy old stuff.
I invent things.

Mary-Alice Cooper

A FEW WORDS??? About me? Oh no I’m sorry, that just won’t do. Words are not things you can just eke out to me like, I don’t know, lollies or something! I need more words than anyone else! Because, the more words there are about me, and preferably the more words there are coming from my own mouth, the better it is for everyone. A person of my status! No I can’t be expected to showcase my brilliance in - what did you say? A hundred words?
Be serious!
So. Now we’ve got that settled. Let’s get on to talking about

Luca Blanco

My name’s Luca Blanco.

I collect old stuff. Not old like in Periwinkle Hall. That’s just dead scary. But stuff like, people throw away cause they think it’s not useful, or it’s broken. Well, I even collect rocks, and sticks, so it doesn’t have to be anything someone’s made. It’s all just … kind of interesting. I like to look at it. Maybe make new things out of what I find.

People throw away lots of stuff in the bush at night, when they think no-one’s watching.

I like cooking. And my family comes from all over. My grandmother’s Italian.

Sascha Martin's Adventures

Yes! I’ve broken free! I’ve got my own website and it’s all about ME!

It’s about all of us, Mary-Alice.

You’re only here because you know how to do stuff, Sascha. And Luca is here because I might need a limerick or a recipe or something. I’m the important one! See my tab up there? Oh! Why do you have one, Sascha? And Luca! What’s going on?

We’re sharing this site, Mary-Alice. It’s about all of us.


Calm down. Sharing isn’t so bad.

Talk properly, Sascha! For a moment I thought you said: “Sharing isn’t so bad!”

That’s what I -

Lalalalala! I can’t hear you! What language are you speaking? You’re not making any …

Oh no! What’s that heading up there? Sascha Martin’s Adventures! What’s that about? That is not the name I chose! I distinctly and clearly stated that it should be named Mary-Alice-Cooper’s-Website-and-It’s-Better-Than-Anyone-Else’s.com!!!

Well it’s called something else, Mary-Alice. You’ll just have to deal with it!


Going red in the face won’t change anything.


Why don’t we have a look around and see what we can do here?

Oh you’d love that wouldn’t you Luca? Maybe you’ll find a … Wait, where are you going? I’m not finished talking! Hey! Both of you right now, come back here!



Did you hear me?


I don’t believe this!

Yeah well, just you wait! My tab will be better than yours! My tab will be fun! It’ll be so much funner than your tabs! And fantastic! Mine’s gonna be the best! Kids will love my tab and they won’t even know you’ve got one because mine will be so cool and they’ll tell all their friends to come to my tab and not yours, and you’ll both be all like, “Waaaa! No-one ever visits my tab!” and I’ll be like, Yeah that’s right cause they’re all hanging out over here at my tab. With me!

Yeah, you heard me!

Don’t think I can’t see you! Peeping out of your tabs!

words by John Arthur nichol

pictures by Manuela pentangelo